Vintage Blonde 1958 Telecaster Maple Neck Alder Body Nitro


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It is more expensive than nitro though. Almost like it was burned a bit. It is a low end guitar sooo I am surprised that it may have nitrocellulose. I could be wrong though. Perhaps it is another sort of chemical reaction occuring there. I remember reading somewhere that Nitrocellulose is often the cheaper route for guitar finish but I could be mistaking. 2020-11-05 · Thank you for contacting PRS Guitars.

Nitrocellulose guitar finish

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Thread starter holmes321; it has a small dent maybe 3mm x 2mm and 1 or 2mm deep in the nitro finish near the bottom of the guitar. Oferpetesakenitrocellulose lacquer is a CAR finish (well it was until car makers got wise). You're not going to kill it with a polish! Here's a clue: Before Gibson started putting their label on tiny bottles of what amounts to Pledge, Gibson recommended cleaning their guitars with naptha and protecting them with good old carnauba paste wax (like Johnson's Paste Wa Hi - so recently I checked on one of my guitars been sitting in hardcase for a few months - took her out and noticed the nitrocellulose finish on an area of the neck had blistered / melted /reacted with something (see photos) and noticed where the neck was resting on the case compartment tab handle was the area damaged - same place shape etc. Se hela listan på 2017-10-07 · Solvent-based nitrocellulose lacquer has been the dominant finish used by U.S. musical instrument factories for steel string guitars, archtop guitars, banjos and mandolins since the 1920’s. It would not be an exaggeration to say that all, or nearly all, vintage/collectible American factory steel string instruments are finished in lacquer. Nitrocellulose finish, also known as nitrocellulose lacquer has been the preferred method of finishing guitars in many countries, including the United States, for decades.

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On a guitar with a heavily checked finish you'll want to avoid using polishes or  18 Apr 2017 A guitar with a thin nitro finish will resonate better than one with a hard poly. But nitrocellulose is flammable and hazardous to inhale, so make  Nitrocellulose lacquer DARTFORDS (Olive Green) at FINISHING SUPLIES It gives an excellent thin finish as found on many vintage guitars and is great for  In keeping with our goal of offering only the finest of products, all our clear coat and tinted clear coat products use nitrocellulose lacquer from Lawrence- McFadden  13 Nov 2018 Originally all electric guitars in the 50's and 60's were made with a Nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

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Nitrocellulose guitar finish

Everything you ever wanted to know about nitro guitar finishes.

Nitrocellulose guitar finish

A short tutorial showing how to get that cracking / checking effect on a nitrocellulose guitar finish. Perfect for relic jobs and the like.This does not work Just go and play a lot of guitars with each type of finish and see what’s feels best to you.
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Nitrocellulose guitar finish

5.77K subscribers. Subscribe · Checking / cracking a nitro guitar finish - Nitrocellulose relic tutorial. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute I will sand this down smooth and keep the layer of paint to a minimum before applying the nitro clearcoat.

ColorTone Lacquer is ready to spray with no thinning required, for faster finish build-up in multiple coats.
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av Matte/satin är mer mjuk har en matt finish. Lone Star Guitars. 5.77K subscribers. Subscribe · Checking / cracking a nitro guitar finish - Nitrocellulose relic tutorial. Info. Shopping.