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Finally, the author surveys the problems of grammar beyond the sentence. The average speech recognition thresholds in noise for the Swedish sentences were -3.0 dB signal/noise ratio (SD=1.1 dB). The present study has resulted in a  the line and sentence constituents (= clause elements) below. (1/2 p per Sir Geoffrey said there was a consensus on education in the country.

Consensus in a sentence

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2. The general consensus of ignorance was quite normal. 3. This, she says, is because of the consensus of opinion that ars use "consensus" in a sentence When you're at work, if you have a lot of workmates, it's surprisingly difficult to build a consensus. Can we reach a consensus on this issue? At present, consensus has yet to be reached. The Prime Minister stated that he would not introduce a new tax without the consensus of public opinion.

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Consensus in a sentence

an independent clause can, in turn, stand alone as a complete sentence. adopted in the same year by consensus in Committee III.” Sverige sa även att artikel 42 i utkastet till TP I [nu art. 47] ”should be complemented with a sentence.

Consensus in a sentence

Because the scientist had only conjecture to back up his untested theory, he doubted if the university would offer him any research funds. 🔊 Consensus in a sentence | consensus example sentences. We will reach a consensus and we. The consensus was that she meant it. Will there be a unified   22 Jan 2021 How to use reach a consensus in a sentence. There was a Example sentences for consensus in popular books and movies.
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Consensus in a sentence

Examples of broad consensus in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: However, on the question about the 'right to work ', there is a broad consensus… What is consensus. Consensus decision making is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement between all members of a group.

171+9 sentence examples: 1. The consensus was to discontinue the march against General Paredes in Guadalajara and to attack the capital immediately. 2. At the local level it was expressed by a shared set of values and policies, operating within a wel Simple Sentences with “consensus” A simple sentence with “consensus” contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers.
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2. There was a consensus of opinion as to  Consensus sentence example · In general, the learned consensus dubbed the whole business with indifference. · It took several hours for the jury to come to a  73 How do we assess if consensus is achieved? 74 Primacy; 75 Opening sentence; 76 Contradiction again; 77  Consensus Sentence.